here are a few hand-picked repositories which provide pre-commit integrations.

these are fairly popular and are generally known to work well in most setups!

this list is not intended to be exhaustive

provided by the pre-commit team:

for python projects:

for shell scripts:

for the web:

for configuration files:

for text / docs / prose:

for linting commit messages:

for secret scanning / security:

for other programming languages:

finding hooks

it's recommended to use your favorite searching tool to find existing hooks to use in your project.

for example, here's some searches you may find useful using sourcegraph:

you may also find github's search useful as well, though its querying and sorting capabilities are quite limited plus it requires a login:

adding to this page

the previous iteration of this page was a laundry list of hooks and maintaining quality of the listed tools was cumbersome.

this page is not intended to be exhaustive

you may send a pull request to expand this list however there are a few requirements you must follow or your PR will be closed without comment: